Monday, August 8, 2011

where did the time go?

Hmm - maybe the blog should have been called "where the heck do I find the time?" - 6 weeks have just vanished.  There is always work.  We had a data centre shutdown, which happily screws a weekend or two over for us as we have to catch up on everything that doesn't get done.

There was a dog club journal, which tends to involve an entire weekend sitting in front of the laptop, trying to stay focussed.  When everyone gets their reports in to me on time, it's achievable.  Oh, and because there's been an AGM, some office-bearers changed, which meant I also had to update the contacts on the club website.

Pet sitting for friends - not arduous, but does take some time.

Puppy Preschool with Molly.  Which was an absolute hoot - she was the biggest pup there, lumbering around and quite happy to play with the other pups or lap up attention from the humans.  She did graduate, although the bar was rather low (sit then down).

Bruce has been working on the Valiant.  He's aiming for a car show at the end of August, so has been at it, hammer and tongs, most weekends.  He's also had a couple of trips to Queensland to help his younger brother.  Which means I've been picking up a lot of his chores (don't worry, this isn't one-sided, he will be carrying the load in return when I have other commitments).

And, how could I have overlooked it - we've had MAJOR problems with internet access from home for the last 4 weeks.  Continuing dropouts, poor speed and general angst and frustration as we realise just how much we rely on it (yes, very much a first world problem.  Truly, I am grateful that this, our mortgage, Bruce's insomnia and house-training Molly are the only real problems we have to deal with).  Many techs and later, there has been quite a lot of rewiring done and changes at the Exchange.  So lots of small, cumulative problems have been resolved and the outstanding part of the problem appears to be the inverter on our PV panels.  Thankfully the system is still under warranty, so it's back to the company for remediation.

I've caught up on my paper mail, shopping/posting for family birthdays, mending (including a roughly put together cover for the outside sofa).  I need to get back into the habit of planning meals and exercising.  I am so aware of the family histories of heart problems and osteoporosis, and my own back and depression.  Exercise isn't an option, it's a necessity.

And I can feel Spring rising.  The Manchurian pear is starting to bud and my fingers are getting that itch in them.  I totally forgot to prune the fruit trees, but in a few more weeks it will be safe to plant the potatoes and prune the roses (I have to try and strike Honorine de Brabant for an acquaintance).  It is also time to start properly training Little Miss Molly Monster.  I should start thinking about what needs to be planted in the vegie patch and start the seeds in the greenhouse.

The days are getting longer and I want to spring clean!  Silver and brass to polish, timber to clean and wax, paintings to change over.  Yes, it's time.