Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Best Beloved asked last night if I'd written anything on The Blog recently.  And got his nose snapped off, because I haven't and I feel guilty and I feel so so tired.  And it felt like a "why haven't you done your homework?" type of question...

I'm back to my principal conundrums - how do I make time for myself and how do I stop being so damned tired?

Last one first.  I am terrified of going down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome again.  That was a long hard time and I don't ever want to feel so perpetually exhausted again.  So I must remember to listen to my body more, be aware of my mood and mind.  Rest when I need to, even if it means that I'm napping every afternoon of my holidays and weekends. And (big breath) minimise socialising.  Not that I do a lot of it (quite the reverse) but when I'm tired, anything is too much and becomes a cause of resentment rather than an enjoyable event.  It's a bit of a balancing act because friends and family are important to me and I don't like feeling I've let them down.  For the rest - eating and drinking sensibly, some exercise, the necessary supplements (kelp's a big one) - they're a given.

But making time for myself - well, start here.  Keep decluttering the house (which is basically disposing of what we don't use and/or love, emptying cupboards,boxes and trunks) because possessions, even when you love them, do weigh you down.  Think about how I can simplify the running of the household (which may mean letting go of some things - a real challenge for me, being someone who is very set in her ways).  And set aside weekend time that is chore and commitment-free, regardless of what remains undone.

Sound like a plan?