Monday, March 21, 2011

Wittering on

Autumn is definitely here.  The chooks are moulting, the vegie patch has finally started to subside (although we are still harvesting beans and tomatoes without end).  It is raining and I'm laid up on the sofa with a rug over my lap, laptop precariously balanced and feeling poorly.  Ideally, I'd want to take a couple more days off work, but we have shutdown of our main server room this weekend, so circumstance dictates otherwise.  Also finances.  If I want a pair of red boots, I need the overtime.

Big congratulations to the Beloved.  All the time, work and money poured into the vision for his Valiant have paid off - he took out top modified S series at Chryslers on the Murray, and Sweet Sensation was constantly having her photo taken.  Lots of really positive feedback for both himself and his mate Martin, who did most of the trim and all the fibreglass work.  I am extremely proud of him.

The dogs are so companionable when I'm ill or tired.  They just gather about and lie down on their mattresses and wait.  Winston is small enough to get up with me - half the time he doesn't bother, the other half he keeps pushing and pushing and I do give in eventually.  Or he waits until I'm asleep and the first I know of it is his elbow in my eye.  The sounds of dogs sleeping is wonderful.  Winston tucks his nose underneath him, so that's one particular noise.  Fearghus is pretty quiet - there's the odd heave or lip fluffing, but that's it.  Bonnie makes what I call soup strainer noises.  Heavy breathing but with a bit more passion and not quite snores.  Then there are the dreaming noises - the yips and scuttering of feet that mimic (presumably) flat out racing and barks of joy.

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