Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Warning - health update

I'm really, really hope that 2013 is better health-wise than 2012 was.  I'm so over the being tired and having a fogged up brain that goes with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  But last lot of test results were interesting.  My GP and I have started to go off the beaten track slightly, and looking at nutritional medicine.  This is very much a developing field and it would be daft to think that all the answers are there for the picking.  Just as it is impossible to describe an elephant by feeling only one part of its body.  Too much we don't know.  Interactions we aren't aware of.

Anyways, turns out I have extremely high levels of cortisol whizzing around all 24 hours of the day and starting to get insulin resistant.  Translation - my body is in constant flight/fight mode.  Um, hello, not really sustainable.  So I'm doing additional supplements (chromium, GABA, 5-HTP, L-tryosine, massive amounts of Vit C, mega dose of B group vitamins and magnesium).  And the upshot is a diet low in sugars and carbohydrates.  No more muesli, no bread (which I'd just started experimenting with), no baked goods, no Cascade Ultra-C, no fruit juice, no icecream (in the middle of an Australian summer, for heaven's sake!), no tropical fruits (no ginger with my last cup of the day!), no grains (polenta, couscous, rice, pasta, burghul), no potatoes...  On the plus side, bacon and eggs for breakfast each morning, lots of pr0tein (eggs, meat, dairy), awesome smoothies with full fat yoghurt, proper milk and as many berries as I can fit into the jar.  The dogs thoroughly approve of any change in food patterns which involves them getting bacon rind each day.

I'm also about to step into a mental health plan.  Not too sure what that entails, will find out more at the GP's on Thursday. Think it's aimed at the poor management of stress.  But my reaction to this step is intriguing (in a poking a wound sort of way).  Small melt down for a few days afterwards.  But it's as if, despite the depression, despite the suicide attempts, despite the permanent medication and open acknowledgement of my slightly odd brain/psyche, it feels as if this is a no-going-back-label of "nutcase".


  1. Best wishes for the new year and for finding a path to better health. We all struggle with that, to varying degrees; it's a consequence of being alive. I hope 2013 treats you well.

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